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Here at Compleat we are proud to provide a dedicated and flexible service, tailored to each of our client’s individual needs.

Established in 2004 we have built a reputation for personal service and continue to work with clients who have been with us from our inception. 

We work on a full range of events, from small meetings for 10 people right up to international conferences for thousands of delegates.

No two events are ever the same and we understand the value of establishing strong working relationships from the outset. 

It is our belief that by paying attention to the small things we can turn a good event into an amazing event. 

We can offer you an exceptional service, giving you access to streamlined processes, saving you time and saving you money. 

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Why 'Compleat' and not 'Complete'

We are often asked why our Company name is spelt this way. Here are a few dictionary definitions for 'compleat' which we believe describes the staff here at Compleat Conference

 'Skilled at every aspect of a particular activity' - Oxford Dictionaries

 'Of or characterised by a highly developed or wide-ranging skill or proficiency' - The Free Dictionary on-line

 'Highly skilled and accomplished in all aspects' -



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